The Golden Glows - Portrait by Chalie De Keersmaecker

The Golden Glows

The Golden Glows are an acoustic three piece, keen on long gone melodies, with a focus on vocal harmonies. We come from the diamond mines of Antwerp, Kingdom of Bubblicious Belgium.

The Golden Glows made their debut with A Songbook From the 20’s, a two-hour live show with popular American tunes from the 1920’s: a collection of forgotten radio hits, a few torch songs, musical numbers, some early jazz, a pinch of country blues, gospel and folk traditionals.

Next was A Folksongbook. The EP, a musical meditation on the nature of love, is a blend of original music and ancient words raised from English & Irish folk traditionals, Victorian poems and 19th Century ballads. We perform this songbook live with BOX guests: a golden horn and an enigmatic cornet à bouquin (Jon Birdsong), a glorious viola da gamba (Pieter Vandeveire) and a mystical theorbe (Pieter Theuns).

In the New Depression The Songbook of Blues took shape as a live show. In Part I we passed by an old cinema with 1920’s blues and John Huston’s ‘Moby Dick’. Part II celebrated Herman Melville’s 190th birthday in a harboured Ship Church where The White Whale was raised.

A Tribute to Alan Lomax :: The Golden Glows play Prison Songs :: with a solid bassdrum(mer) an an all-male choir was rated top 3 show of 2009 at AB, Brussels. In 2011 A Prison Songbook toured in clubs and theatres, the album got released in 2012.

The Glows are currently working on Afterglow, their first piece of cinema.

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