The Songbook of Blues

The Songbook of Blues starts at the wake of the New Depression (2008 – 2009), a time window oddly connected to Herman Melville’s 1851’s masterpiece Moby Dick… With a few guidelines, ideas and images developed from the novel, we’re shooting for a blend of blues, brass and metaphysics.

Parts of the songbook were played live: The Songbook of Blues Part I 1920s-’30s blues in a police-station-turned-arthouse-cinema. With a screening of John Huston’s Moby Dick. Part II, a magical concert night in honor of Melville’s 190th birthday: The White Whale was raised in a harboured Ship Church in the Antwerp harbor… Part III will appear under the right astral conditions.

The Songbook of Blues contains 1920’s and 30’s blues songs as well as original material. There are 30 titles in the fall 2012 mini-tour .

The Songbook of Blues is in the docks, under heavy construction…