A Folksongbook [EP]

A Folksongbook is a graceful EP with 6 song chapters, inspired by Anglo-American folk traditionals that were imported into the New World in the 17th and 18th Century.

A Folksongbook contains a three ballads from Francis Child’s catalogue, two Victorian poems by the Irish bard Thomas Moore and an original spoken word piece.

Six individual stories make up six song chapters. All the chapters combined compose a greater frame story―a delicate meditation on the nature of love.

The songs are arranged for 15 classical guest musicians: woodwinds, horns, cello, vibraphone, a harp and a string quartet.

The minature album A Folksongbook was released to great critical acclaim in 2007.

Track #4 :: The Golden Ball

[audio:|titles=A Folksongbook #4 The Golden Ball]

Track #6 :: Love’s Young Dream

[audio:|titles=A Folksongbook #6 Love’s Young Dream]

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