On Moonlight and Rain – out now!

On Moonlight and Rain is out today! Check online digital platforms or order the vinyl in the store.

The new album is dark, dreamy stuff, based on Japanese ghost stories from the 17th Century. Sit down and listen to 9 imaginative stories that transport you to a fantasy world, out of time, deeply rooted in Japanese folklore.

The Golden Glows’ trademark harmonies are enhanced with lush musical colors in this adventurous musical landscape, that balances acoustic warmth with poetic electronics.

A Serpent’s Lust Anime

The first song we’re releasing is the dreamy dark track A Serpent’s Lust, a song about a lustful lover turned into a demon.

The Japanese video artist Shunsaku Matsurada has created a short anime film that goes along with the song, which is a true masterpiece of 3D animation. Check the movie on our YouTube channel.

On Moonlight and Rain – new album coming soon!

During the pandemic, The Golden Glows recorded On Moonlight and Rain  as a studio album.

This brand new album will be out on all digital platforms April 1st. Limited edition vinyl coming soon.

Keep an eye on the calendar for the upcoming tour. We’re exceptionally thrilled to play the Bourla theatre in our hometown Antwerp!



Harry’s Songbook on vinyl!

Earlier in 2019, The Golden Glows recorded The Songbook of Harry Smith as a studio-live album.

We’re proud to announce the vinyl has finally arrived!

Send us a message at info@goldenglows.be if you’d like to have one.